Monday, February 21, 2011

David Rowbotham RIP

I had posted on Twitter earlier a couple of links about the poet David Rowbotham, whom I met in 2001 and kept in touch with him by mail and e-mail (which he composed in very large print due to his eye sight)  thereafter. David died last October, and in honor of his life and work I thought I would post these words by Herbert C. Jaffa, the United States' senior Australianist  and, like Rowbotham, a World War II veteran of the pacific theatre.

"David was a good man, a solid citizen. Others may have ranked higher in the pantheon than he, but he was a true poet, a maker of poems.Always, almost to the last year, he was creative, energetic, enthusiastic, always about the possibilities of making a poem. He was good for Australian literature..."

Could not have said it better. 

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