Thursday, March 31, 2011

ABR launches new online edition

The Australian Book Review is Australia's steadiest and most prestigious vehicle for the discussion of books, and in its pages is the closest thing to a national literary conversation about books. Under the editorship of Peter Rose, accomplished poet, memoirist, and novelist (his Roddy Parr is really worth checking out, for fans of biting satire and observant novels of manners with a political kick) it has achieved new heights. The only difficulty with ABR is that it has been expensive for those outside Australia to read ( I know someone from Calgary who flew across Canada to read it in the Toronto library rather than pay the subscription rate as the flight to Toronto was cheaper). I paste below part of peter:s announcement about the online edition:

ABR OE is an enhanced version of the magazine accessible to subscribers on the Net.
ABR OE can be read on any device with web-browsing capabilities, including desktop
computers, laptops, iPads, tablets and smart phones.
ABR OE in no way jeopardises the print version. Everyone at ABR is absolutely committed
to its long-term continuance. ABR OE – reaching new markets and generating useful revenue –
will only enhance the print edition.
Access to ABR OE is available by annual subscription, or by purchasing single issues
(one month access). Subscribers will have full access to digital content, including back issues,
extended information on contributors, and a planned comments section.
Individuals will pay $50 for one year
Adding ABR OE to a print subscription – $20
Access to the current issue – $8
Subscribe online from April 4:
Peter Rose
Australian Book Review
PO Box 2320, Richmond South VIC 3121
T: (03) 9429 6700 F: (03) 9429 2288

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