Monday, May 2, 2011

The Lost World: Richard Flanagan in the NYTimes

Flanagan's article appeared in The New York Times on Sunday, 1 May. As he has in the past, Flanagan characterizes Australia, and Tasmania in particular, as bearing the all-out assault of European encounter: history as insult, as a fist in the face, as unremitting violence. Like the Tasmanian historian Cassandra Pybus, an early collaborator with whom he later fell out, Flanagan writes from the inside of this ugly dynamic, scratching away at the insulation and detachment that might otherwise offer the false comforts of historicizing.

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  1. Yes he and Pybus certainly fell out, we heard the consequences at AAALS a few years back. I really like your grasp of Flanagan's sense of the dark, brutal side of cultural encounter, and yes historicizing can often be a 'false comfort'.