Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why I buy so many Australian e-books

It is interesting that, as a consumer, I am buying far more Australian books in e-book format than I do in physical format, even though as editor of an Australianist publication I cam more or less get review books on demand from publishers and even though for many years it has been perfectly easy to purchase Australian books in physical form on the Internet. But in the past month, as I research as long paper on a contemporary Australian author, write a couple of book reviews, and strive to inform myself on authors on whom contributors to Antipodes are submitting articles, I have spent about US $100 on various Australian ebooks. Interestingly, whereas I forbore to buy that many Australian books earlier not just because of the physical limitations of my smallish, book-crammed Manhattan apartment, but because the Australian books seemed so much from a different world as to mingle uneasily, in a qualitative sense, with the European and North American books I had largely on hand, leaving me feeling divided as a reader.  On my e-reader, this is no worry; most if the books on these are classics, and yet the Australian books blend in with them quite inconspicuously. If I am a representative sample, the Australian publishing industry is doing quite well on e-books. 

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