Friday, November 8, 2013

June 2014 Antipodes

The contents of our June 2014 issue are beginning to coalesce. The cover will be by Conrad Martens,
and articles wil include 

Robert Dixon
‘A Nation for a Continent’: Australian Literature and the Cartographic Imaginary of the Federation Era

Lachlan Brown
A present absence, an absent presence: reading Kevin Hart's 'For Marion, My Sister'

Matthew Packer
E Tu: On Teaching Patricia Grace’s Novel of the Maori Battalion

Emily Johnston
Trauma Theory as Activist Pedagogy: Engaging Students As Reader-Witnesses of Colonial Trauma in Once Were Warriors

Sharon Mazer
Here As Elsewhere: Thinking Theatrically/Acting Locally

Per Henningsgaard
Teaching Australian Literature in a Class about Literatures of Social Reform

as well as pieces by Stephen Oliver and Jennifer Wawrzinek. There are more articles currently being refereed and some may well find their way into this issue. 

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