Wednesday, January 29, 2014

COAL CREEK wins Victorian Premier's Award

I have always admired the work of Jennifer Maiden--particularly her anti-Bush poems of about the years ago--but for me Alex Miller's Coal Creek is the big winner here.

Miller's Gifford Lecture, delivered at Vassar last fall, will appear in theJune 2014 Antipodes.

Let's hope Coal Creek appears in the US soon, 


  1. Surely Antipodes would like to appear more respectable than academic playground trolling such as the comments of Birns above. Neither Miller nor Maiden (whose poetry really is worthy of the major overall prize) deserve to be used like this.

    1. If you've got it, flaunt it :) Sorry if I seemed too self-romotional, but both my predecessor as Antipodes editor, Robert Ross, and I have felt that Antipodes is often underestimate,d or, as our former President once put it, 'misunderestimated' simply for discussing Australian literature from a position outside Australia. To have Alex Miller's piece is a great coup for us and we are very proud to be publishing it. I was, though, pleased to see that Jennifer Maiden got the headline, as usually novels prevail over poetry publicity-wise.