Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Michael Griffiths to join Antipodes board

Antipodes is please to announce that Michael Griffifths of the University of Wollongong has joined our board. Michael received his doctoral degree from Rice and just completed a two year fellowship at Columbia. He joins the distinguished literature program at Wollongong with a wealth of accomplishments under his belt, one of which is an article on Walt Whitman and Bernard O'Dowd in our journal. His interests range well beyond the conventionally Australian, though; his wide expertise in the literature and theory of Indigeneity gives his comprehensive grasp of the postcolonial a highly targeted and political tilt. Generally erudite and cosmopolitan in his sense of literature as a discipline, Michael Griffiths adds a tremendous amount to whether context he inhabits, and we are Antipodes are pleased to be among those contexts. 

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